The function of the eye mask is the block out as much light as possible. The design mechanics required to achieve while maintaining an optimum level of comfort are actually quite complicated. A simple eye mask cut out and strapped over the eye cavities may achieve good levels of visual block out yet it lacks in comfort.

The material pushes against the eye and eyelashes and makes in generally awkward to use. Optimum design requires the eye mask to block out all light and not touch any part of the eye at the same time. This is the structural purpose behind the eye mask used in the Powernap.

This particular aspect of the design is probably the most unique and most effective function toward restful sleep while using a Powernap. As the originator of the design and patent owner, Bill Christie would say, it contributes 60% - 70% of the total function of the Powernap. Perhaps for this reason we formed the ear cushion from MEMORY FOAM.

We selected the precise density of memory foam that would offer the most comfort while also inhibiting the maximum amount of audible sound. So, the function of the MEMORY FOAM is actually two fold. It serves primarily to:

a. Offer the ultimate level of comfort when using the device
b. Serve as the best means to block out sounds since the density of MEMORY FOAM is far higher than any other foam materials.

The ability of this device to inhibit sound from outside the ear is perhaps what sets this device beyond anything else you can purchase today. Everyone is familiar with normal ear plugs which fit inside the ear yet as it is commonly known, ear plugs become annoying after a few hours of use and there is nothing worse than waking from a slumber because of intense ear pain caused by pressure inside the ear.

The Powernap can be used for hours on end and comfort level always remains high. The secret to deeper, more restful sleep with the Powernap lies in the focussed design around the ear cushion.

An important feature the designers wanted for the Powernap was one size fits all. This meant considering a number of options concerning the best way to achieve this. The simplest way was to make the fit around the head the largest size possible and then attach an elastic toggle at the back.

This effectively allows users to tighten and loosen the head piece with relative ease. So from kids to adults, the Powernap can be adjustment to fit just about any size head. It’s an important feature when considering how troublesome it would be to have different sizes for all the different age groups.

Probably the most famous, or infamous, travel accessory currently available. There are many different designs to choose from such as memory foam, bead filled, inflatable etc. For the purpose of the Powernap, inflatable was used to conserve as much space as possible since the device was already fairly sizable. This means the Powernap can still fold easily in a travel bag or carryon bag and not prove an awkward object to carry in transit.

The regulator has made the inflatable cushion a much more user friendly neck support. To top it off, the entire Powernap was fabricated with velvet. So when first time users envelop their heads in a Powernap, the immediate sensation is luxurious.

The Powernap is a combination of different structures that harmoniously blend together to create the most restful sleep possible while sitting upright. Once the device is in place, it may become necessary form time to time to regulate the firmness of the neck cushion to the desired comfort level. With initial prototypes, the designers found it cumbersome to remove the Powernap every time to change the pressure of the neck cushion. For this reason it was made a priority to reposition the blow up valve for the neck cushion to a location that didn’t require the Powernap to be removed.

This made a world of difference for users of the Powernap.

In fact, it solved many problems users originally had with blow up neck cushions in general. People always mentioned how they could never get the neck cushion to support them in just the right way to get really comfortable. Now, they realised the problem was they just needed easier control of the firmness of the cushion.

The regulator, and more specifically the positioning of the regulator, gives users of the Powernap more versatility in controlling support for the neck area.

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