The conception of the Powernap was originally derived from extensive travelling by plane. As it is commonly known, the cheapest seats on a plane offer the most limited space too. Since these are the seats most people can afford, it creates a huge problem trying to attain the rest needed while in transit.

Distractions like crying babies, snoring passengers, cramped conditions, hyperactive children all add up to create a very tense environment is a very small space. The purpose of the Powernap is to transport your mind to a place of your choosing to enable peace of mind and reduction of outside interference. These are the conditions that can create a deeper, more restful sleep like never before.

Some commuters are required by their jobs to catch a train almost every day of the week. Form underground subways to overland rail, trains are used by every type of commuter who often could use a quick Powernap. The size and weight of the Powernap make it the perfect daily travel accessory for any train commuter, long distance or short.

Another environment that creates very cramped conditions for passengers in transit. Family and friends often have very different habits in transit and tension is easily stirred in such close quarters, especially for those who want some shut eye. The Powernap lets passengers slink into slumber without the frustrating distractions of nearby friends or family.

Bus passengers may find the Powernap of particular benefit, especially with long haul. Much like the environment found in airplanes, buses are confined areas filled with numerous people crating an abundance of distractions from sleep. The neck cushion can easily change pressure to meet the requirement of the bus passenger seat back and provide the user with the perfect snooze solution.

In addition to providing rest and relaxation to those in transit the Powernap need not be limited to those environments. Although it functions best within them, it has distinguished function within the home or office. Homes and offices can be busy places at times and it is often the wish during these volatile periods to be transported to the peace and quiet o a Sunday afternoon.

An impossible feat since time and space are of the essence in modern day society. The Powernap offers the perfect solution toward a temporary getaway, a time for busy individuals to take a break and recharge. It’s a wise alternative to simply letting the day drag on and lower productivity even further. The powernap offers a simple and elegant solution to daytime naps that invigorate the mind, body and soul.

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